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06 May, 2017

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Puzzles (Set-1) for SBI PO Mains

Unique selected Puzzles for SBI Mains

Puzzles designed exclusively for SBI PO mains

Based on latest pattern





  1. 1. Seven friends A, B, C, D, E, F and G go to seven different cities, viz. Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai in seven different months from January to July of a year, also this seven friends have their birthdays in different month from January to July in the same year, but no one visit the city in the month in which they have their birthday. D goes to Pune in April. E goes to Kanpur in a month having 31 day but before C. the one who goes to Mumbai does not have birthday in July nor in January, but like to visit in month of February or May. B goes in June and he does not go to Hyderabad but his birthday comes in the month of March. F and G don’t go to Mumbai, but F has birthday in a month after the month in which G have. Two friends go to Kanpur and Bangalore having their visit of month and birthday exchanged where. E has birthday in month of July and F has birthday in the month of April. C visit Hyderabad in the month of March. D has birthday before A and C.


  1. Eight family members (A-H) who somehow related to A are of distinct height, weight and age in each category. They are ranked in descending order in each category with highest-1 and lowest-8. It is also known that
  • D who is son in law of A’s wife is heavier than B but D’s height and age is lesser than E and B who is grandfather of H.
  • There are two mothers and two fathers in the family and also B is eldest of all.
  • E, mother of H and C is taller than both H and C, but E is lighter than both H and C.
  • A, D and G do not occupy the same position in any of the three categories.
  • B has same rank in any of the two given category.
  • A is the heaviest among all but not the shortest which is F.
  • C who is one rank below the rank she has in weight is the elder daughter of A and is heavier then both her mother and grandmother but she is younger than both G and B.
  • G who is female is 2nd from bottom in weight category and shorter than D but immediate younger than B. F is grandson of G and has same rank in all categories.
  • Equal numbers of male and female are there in the family.


  1. Ten friends are sitting on twelve seats in two parallel rows containing five people each, in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In row 1: A, B, C, D and E are seated and all of them are facing south, in row 2: Z, Y, X, W and V are sitting and all of them facing north. One seat is vacant in each row. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row. All of them are from different countries i.e. India, China, South Korea, Japan, Nepal, USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Three seats away from Y is vacant. X does not belong to Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. E is not an immediate neighbor of C. B is from Afghanistan. Vacant seat of row 1 is not opposite to W and is also not at any of the extreme ends of Row 1. The one who is from China sits opposite to the one, who sits third to the right of the seat, which is opposite to W. C is not an immediate neighbor of D. V who is neither from Nepal nor USA, does not face vacant seat. D faces X. the vacant seats are not opposite to each other. Two seats are there between C and B, who sits third right of the seat, on which the person who is from Pakistan is sitting. W sits third to the right of seat on which X sits and hails from Japan. The person from Turkey faces the one who is from Japan. The person who comes from Indian and Sri Lanka are adjacent to each other. The vacant seat in row 1 is not adjacent to D. Y sits at one of the extreme ends. E neither comes from Turkey nor faces the seat which is adjacent to the one who is from USA. The one who is from Nepal is not to the immediate right of the one who hails from Japan. The person who is from South Korea doesn’t face the person who is from Sri Lanka.


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