Current Affairs PDF – January 2014

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  1. sunilkaushik27 says:


  2. Deepasampath says:

    Great work…

  3. run14081992 says:

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  4. malini says:

    thank u very much really very usefull……

  5. Saravanakumar M says:

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  6. Saravanakumar M says:

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  9. sangeeyadav says:

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  10. yogeshkuthe says:

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  11. RABIN says:

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  12. vishnuvardhan madri says:

    Tq sir

  13. nikhil reddy billa says:

    Very good …… I lovely affair current in ur Nirdeshak

  14. sahilgill says:

    greatest of all every detail is given perfect for CDS

  15. Geethusachin says:

    Very Useful

  16. dheeraj619 says:

    Thank you sir ..,,

  17. Virendra Dahiya says:


  18. sailu says:

    It’s working thank you so much sir
    it’s very useful…….

  19. sailu says:

    How can i downoad these ? i already login. But it shows the web page is not available.I tried a lot. plz help me…………

  20. Visalam Subramanian says:

    great wok, thank u so much

  21. shubaashini says:

    Brilliant work…
    Very useful…

  22. kunaltop says:


  23. sreenu1923 says:

    only one word say it’s awesome man great work

  24. inty says:


  25. deepti589 says:

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  26. arshadul says:

    just awesome…very helpful material.

  27. archanasahana says:

    nice site providing lot of valuable materials….keep up ur goodwork….

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  33. pramod sagar says:

    very usefulll…

  34. sunilskesav says:

    thanks for the daily wise updates……….

  35. Bhagesh Pant says:

    Thanks to Nirdeshak!!
    Your work is highly appreciable!!

  36. anujk674 says:

    Hello sir it says file is corrupted can’t open file please help can’t open 2014 current affairs files

  37. jaypalsinh says:

    Extra ordinary

  38. Dinesh Naik says:


  39. Bikram Joshi says:

    Thank you administers for your selfless effort.

  40. krish118 says:

    thx a lot…………

  41. ushaushe says:

    thanks a lot….

  42. ushaushe says:

    one of my fav magazine….

  43. tejareddy says:

    gud work……

  44. Sunil Kumar Moharana says:

    One of my favorite magazine for BANK PO preparation….

  45. ajay131191 says:

    you are doing worthy things for other..
    god bless you..

  46. sachinsorte11 says:

    good work….keep it up….

  47. says:

    nice job

  48. pfukreni26 says:

    Nice work guys,awesome

  49. aaaa says:

    thanku so much nirdeshak

  50. aroon says:

    Good Work.Thank’s a lot.

  51. Vivek Sharma says:

    Amazing !!

  52. Himani Velakaturi says:

    valuable information.thank u.

  53. saranonweb says:

    Informative.. Thank you :-)

  54. Chinmay Satpathy says:

    It’s the best among all.

  55. BUSHRA NAJMI says:


  56. Priyanka Paul says:

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  57. kamineni gopi says:

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  58. balaji123 says:

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  59. raju2010 says:

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  60. Siva Sankar Nebarthi says:

    Helping in building careers

  61. Aakash Bagree says:

    gud enough :)

  62. Manish Kumar says:

    mindblowing collection from each area…….
    thanks to Nirdeshek team for provide such material….

  63. Saurabh Kumar Dhurandhar says:


  64. hemaselvi says:

    I couldnt open the file

    • Site Administrator says:

      Dear Reader,

      Please download it now. If still the problem remains, then reply to this message.

      All The Best
      Team Nirdeshak

  65. Akilan Sachu says:

    Very happy with your incredible support…
    But I’m struggling to download jan-14 pdf…

    • Site Administrator says:

      Dear Reader,

      Please download it now. If still the problem remains, then reply to this message.

      All The Best
      Team Nirdeshak

  66. Ankur Chaudhary says:

    Its a great help..thanks nirdeshak team.

  67. Samyajit Gupta says:

    thx a lot sir…:-)

  68. neeraj devatwal says:

    it really helpful

  69. Şħärïf Imräñ says:

    Superb Work Guys (team nirdeshak)

  70. kumar Mudaliar says:

    Nice post

  71. Archi Gupta says:

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  72. says:

    great effort

  73. Abhishek Sijaria says:

    nice information

  74. shubhagya04 says:

    extremely commendible

  75. kunal.241990 says:

    Sir the work you are doing is highly commendible .

  76. rawatvivek341 says:

    well versed work :)

  77. Somnath Ghosh says:

    i give this e-magazine five.

  78. msharma says:

    Thanks to nirdeskr team with heart for this great job

  79. sasikanth 18 says:


  80. Abhishek Bijanu says:

    sir thanx for material.i would like to know is there any monthly pdf magazine on banking and finance.please provide such material it would be added benifit for us

  81. Abhishek Bijanu says:

    its just like gagar me sagar

  82. Deependra says:


  83. Ajay M. Singham says:

    very helpful current affaire
    thank you sir.

  84. Ashish Mishra says:

    please make us available a compiled ready reckner for full 2013 year….previous two reckners were very useful for fast revision….

  85. Sharanu M says:

    Only one word “awesome”

  86. says:

    Nice website which collects all the news in one booklet….

  87. Vidit Raj Tiwari says:

    very nice

  88. naman says:

    Outstanding source you are providing
    Ultimately very very useful information

  89. amitkrrohit says:

    A very great way of proving knowledge,really helpful !

  90. Razi Ahamed says:

    Thanx a lot for providing such exhaustive and comprehensive list of current really beneficial in the preparation process..thank so much!!!

  91. lakshman says:

    very very useful for us……… thanks

  92. Rohit Kumar says:

    best of other site

  93. Manmohan Singh says:

    awesome notes and very useful for us….thanks a lot

  94. vignesh Raj says:

    very useful… thanks a lot

  95. Aman Tiwari says:


  96. Nani Vijetha says:

    excellent job

  97. prasenjeet biswas says:

    your team are doing wonderful work… keep it up..god bless you…

  98. Abhishek Shukla says:

    Thanks a lot to give a special books and news !

  99. Tavishee Dubey says:

    It jus awesome….

  100. shekharsurwade says:



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