Best of Current Affairs Weekly 47-48 Week 7- 20 Nov 2016

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25 Nov, 2016

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Following are the important current terms important for exams, discussions and interview.

Why following ‘Terms’ and ‘Events’ are important

  • What is China Pakistan Economic Corridor?
  • Know about International Solar Alliance (ISA), and which are the countries in it?
  • What is One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative, which country has started this initiative?
  • What is Draize” irritation tests?


What do you mean by?

  • Rustom-II
  • Gwadar Port
  • Jang-e-Azadi Memorial
  • ‘Hyperloop One’
  • Satluj-Yamuna Link canal
  • Smart India Hackathon 2017
  • Samsung Electronics & Harman


Important Terms for Discussion and interviews

  • What is Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan’ (PMSMA)?
  • Who is SS Mundra?
  • Who is Reuven Rivlin?
  • Who is Lakshm – the banking robot?
  • Know about United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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