10 February 2016 Current Affairs

1) In a landmark development, the environmental panel of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on 8 February 2016 reached agreement on long-sought greenhouse gas emissions standards for airliners and cargo planes. What is the basic deadline for aircrafts to meet norms as agreed to by the said panel? – New aircrafts should meet the emission standards beginning 2020 Explanation: The agreement reached by ICAO’s environmental panel requires that new aircraft designs meet the standards beginning in 2020, and that designs ...

General Awareness 2015 at a Glance – Vol. 8 (August)

In a landmark development, India and Bangladesh at one minute after midnight of 1 August 2015 started the process of swapping border enclaves to settle the stateless people. These people were stranded for over six decades along the poorly defined border between the two countries. In this historic event, the two countries transferred exactly how many such enclaves? – 162 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a new campaign "Start-up India, Stand up India" during his Independence Day Address on the ...

Drafting of Indian Constitution


Know all about how Indian Constitution was drafted